Mountaintop Christian Fellowship supports a number of international ministries.  Below is a listing:

Jewish Voice International

We Proclaim the Gospel, Engage the Church Concerning Israel and the Jewish People, and Grow the Messianic Jewish Community



Within Reach Global


A ministry to those in Southeast Asia. David and Lorna preach the Gospel and train others in their schools of ministry to reach their fellow Asians.



Reaching Kids International


A ministry reaching children, young adults and seniors in Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, and other parts of the world we are unable to mention here. Some of the helps include homes, medical attention, school fees, Bible training, and meeting practical needs.



African Schooling Ministry

An arm of Reaching Kids International, this organization provides school fees, uniforms and supplies to five students in Uganda to enable them to stay in school. Without fees, children cannot stay in school, and their futures are in jeopardy.


Mountaintop Christian Fellowship Missions

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